IBM Deep Search

Case Studies

Deep Search technologies are used by IBM partners across industries. These partners choose and deploy our modular services according to their needs.


NAGASE specializes in the production, trade, and R&D of a wide range of materials, from raw materials for plastics to functional food ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. NAGASE also provides its expertise to clients, including the digitization of materials discovery. To this end NAGASE and IBM Research have developed a material discovery platform TABRASA that runs on top of the full range of Deep Search technologies.



Eni is one of the “supermajor” oil companies and depends on hydrocarbon exploration to maintain its supply. To explore a potential source of hydrocarbons, a basin, geoscientists analyse large document collections from many sources. Eni and IBM work together on a Cognitive Discovery platform to parse and integrate these document sources into knowledge graphs. Eni’s Cognitive Discovery runs on an IBM Power 9 super computer, installed on premises in the Eni Green Data Center in Ferrera Erbognone, Pavia, Italy.


Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea is a gas an oil producer that depends on geologists to search for new hydrocarbon sources. Wintershall and IBM have developed the Exploration Advisor Tool to accelerate this search. This tool serves as an intelligent search engine for geologists by analyzing large document collections.